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Team Heckmeck – Summer Break

Hopefully no one thought we were dead because we’re not! Check out all the fun we had last season.

In 2017, we released one video at the beginning of the season after which we were highly motivated to bring more. But each time we went out to film, it started raining or the roads weren’t dry enough already to skate as we wanted. So we just went on trying to capture as much as possible in “bad-weather” Germany.

Over the course of the year we also went to Italy meeting friends and getting footage, but Daniel ended up injuring himself. Hence, we ended up not posting anything over the last half year. Hopefully no one thought we were dead because we’re not!

As the year came to an end, we had all that footage which wasn’t enough for several videos but was too good to throw away.

That’s when we thought of putting it all together into one big video trying to show our struggle but also the fun we had during the whole season.

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