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Skate & Explore by Landyachtz – Germany to Monaco

Last year the Landyachtz team riders Billy, Dillon and Charlie set off on a trip through Europe. Exploring the new countries and cultures on skateboards was their usual mission and the result is another great video.

Last year the Landyachtz team riders Billy Bones, Dillon Stephens and Charlie Darragh set off on a trip through Europe. Exploring the new countries and cultures on skateboards was their usual mission and the result is another great video in the Skate & Explore series.

The crew starts the trip by visiting the Layback Freiburg skateshop in Germany. From there on they travelled to Milan in Italy where they hanged out with the Italian skaters and visited the Boardstyle skateshop.

The trip didn’t end well for Charlie though. After hurting his pinky quite badly in Germany, he had a big crash in Italy near Milano and had to be transported to the hospital with a helicopter. Ten stitches on his chin and some knocked-out teeth got the Italian crew thinking about installing some protection on that hard left turn. Smart move for sure.

From there on, Billy and Dillon had to continue the trip without Charlie and skated the French mountains and ended up in a fancy Monaco. As promised at the end, we can expect new video from this trip coming out soon as they board on ferry to Corsica.

Check out the additional unreleased footage

Film/Edit: Dave Leslie
Additional Filming: Jacob Lambert

Stay tuned!

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