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Root Longboards welcomes Florian Fellner and Andreas Mangold

Florian Fellner and Andreas Mangold recently visited Gnarlicante, skated some really sick spots and got a really nice footage.

Root Longboards welcomed Florian Fellner and Andreas Mangold to their team. Recently the two visited Gnarlicante, skated some really sick spots and got a really nice footage. See it for yourself in this “welcome” edit shot by Pablo Quilles and composed by Alexander Dietrich.

Florian’s board of choice – ROOT Waranga

Florian decided to go with the ROOT Waranga, a directional top-mount longboard deck featuring microdrop, W concave and flared wheel wells. A great combo for even greater foot lock.

ROOT Longboards Waranga

The Root Waranga’s core is built of a fiberglass, carbon and double wood core for extra strength and vibration elimination. It’s platform is 94,5 cm long and 24,3 cm wide and offers the wheelbase options from 66 to 73 cm.

A 206,99 Eur price tag might turn many people off, but at the end of the day, you know that with Root comes a high quality production and a premium longboard deck design. After all, they’re handcrafted in Germany :)

Andreas’ board of choice – ROOT Shark 960

Andreas went for an inch and a half longer ROOT Shark 960. This version of the ROOT Shark longboard deck comes in as a slightly scaled-up version of the race board initially designed in collaboration with Sebastian Hertler. We all know how fast he is, so that has to count for something.

Root Longboards Shark 960

Jokes aside, the Root Shark 960 is not 96 cm long as you probably expected, but it’s rather 95,5 cm long.  It’s symentrical platform is somewhat wider than usually seen on longboards by being 26 cm wide. If you have big feet this deck should be on your “Try it out” list. The Shark 960 offers the wheelbase options from 75 to 78 cm. Big fat deck for big fat action.

Shark also stands out by having a double rocker concave design. Two big pockets will allow for your feet to stay in place at all times, all you have to do is stand there and lean to left and right. Built to be obused at high speeds, Shark’s centre of gravity is lowered with michrodrop as well.

It comes with the same core construction for maximum strenght and flex as the Root Waranga; Double wood core, fibreglass and carbon. Price tag hanging of it will show it’s worth around 214,99 Eur. More for more.

Check it all out at Root Longboards official website.

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