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Dominic SchenkRAD Wheels

Dominic Schenk feat RAD Influence longboard wheels

Dominic Schenk takes the new RAD Influence longboard wheels for a fast freeride run.

Recently, Dominic Schenk joined the RAD team and few weeks ago he got a box of new RAD longboard wheels and prototypes at the ISPO in Munich. He’s very excited about the new freeride wheels, but most of all he’s impressed with the new Max Ballesteros wheels.

RAD Influence - Max Ballesteros longboard wheels 74mm / 77a

RAD Influence – Max Ballesteros longboard wheels 74mm / 77a

As Dominic said, he made made this video to show us how predictable this wheel is while having tons and tons of grip. He’s skating this awesome local run on the RAD Influence – Max Ballesteros 77a longboard wheels mounted on the Ronin trucks and a Rocket Domination longboard deck.

For more about the deck check out the Rocket Longboards website.

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