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Mirko Paoloni & Andrea Cararo – Highlights Run

Mirko and Andrea have been shredding a lot over the last summer. During the #PorcinuSk8trip they found this 12km run passing through a secret valley.

Mirko Paoloni and Andrea Cararo (from Majanal Crew) have been shredding a lot togheter over the last summer. They spent a lot of time up in the hills around Rome in Italy, hanging out with the other guys from the Crew. During the #PorcinuSk8trip 2015 they discovered this 12km mellow road passing through a secret valley in Italy. Watch a few highlights from this neverending run.

Mirko Paoloni’s setup
Gloves: Atlas Truck Touch Enabled
Board: Easygoinc Longboards Downhilla
Trucks: Atlas Trucks Original
Wheels: Cloud Ride Wheels Storm Chaser

Andrea Cararo’s setup
Board: Omen Longboards Riot
Trucks: Cast Ronin Trucks
Wheels: Venom Cannibals 78a

Atlas Trucks, Cloud Ride, G-Form, Easygoinc, Moreboards, Falla Clothing, Kahuna Shop

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