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Marti Font Fliyng Down KnK feat. Long Island Longboards

Young ripper Marti from Spain sending it down the Bear’s Guts at #knk2017

Long Island team rider Marti Font made it to KnK Longboard Camp last year and thanks to Mirko Paoloni, he got one of his runs filmed. Chilled part packed with intense high-speed downhill skateboarding complimented with a sensual guitar solo, worth a watch.

This week was amazing, I remember the good vibes, the feeling about dropping-in with riders from all countries. Man this was great! Without pressure, without time trial, just fun bro. ~ Marti

Marti’s choice of deck for shredding the Bear’s Guts was a top-mount deck, the Genesis 35.5″ by Long Island. The Genesis is composed of bamboo and fibreglass, it has a simple directional shape and two wheelbase options; 26.5 and 28 inch. It’s 35.5 inches long and 9.85 inches wide.

Long Island Genesis 35.5" longboard deck

See more decks on Long Island’s website and follow Marti Font on Instagram or Facebook.

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