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Markus Knoblechner joins the Root Longboards team

Austrian shredder Markus Knoblechner joins Root Longboards. Watch him bombing with style and ease.

Markus Knoblechner, Austrian shredder, photographer and writer joins the Root Longboards team. Watch him flowing with style and easy in this “Welcome to the team” video.

I am super happy to shred those beauties. I love the boards and the badass graphics from Boogie! Also, Root has such a great team of skaters and I am really proud to be a part of it! Damn, it just started to snow here and I’ll have to wait awhile till I can take the Bughuul out for a skate in 2016. ~ Markus Knoblechner

Edit: Markus Knoblechner
Camera: Gregor Nussbaummüller

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