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Majanal Crew – Back to El Dorado with Claudio Jerico & Nicolò Castiglione

After a long time apart, Claudio Jerico and Nicolò Castiglione got together for a fun run on their favourite spot, the “El Dorado” in Rome.

Summer is now in full swing and the Majanal Crew is back at their favourite spot “El Dorado” in Rome. To them this is perfect place to chill and train for this year’s downhill season. The spot it located on a beautiful hill with a small village on top.

Check out this fun and fresh edit with Claudio Jerico and Nicolò Castiglione ripping the road together after a long time apart, due to work and living in different cities.

Filmed by Eugenio D’Alò.

Riders featured in the video:
Claudio Jerico – Alternative Longboards, Kahuna Shop, Cloud Ride Wheels
Nicolò Castiglione – Baboon Boards

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