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Luminance featuring Peter Markgraf

Recently the Caliber welcomed Peter Markgraf in their core team. We pulled out a cool edit he did one year ago. Check that out!

Recently the Caliber Truck Co. core team welcomed a new member – the German freestyle longboarder Peter Markgraf. Born in 1984, Peter is skating for already 14 years and his hometown is “where the anchor drops”. Apparently he likes rum a lot. Arrrr!

The “Captain” says longboard freestyle is for him practiced anarchy on the board. “You don’t have any rules or limitations. It is creative. I can do it anywhere. I can cruise along the city and I can start a session anywhere, immediately!.” Check out the video below for more.

These trucks are the perfect trucks for freestyling, they are light and super turny for boardwalking but never the less they provide enough stability for different tricks.
~ Peter Markgraf

Caliber longboard and skateboard trucks

No other trucks stick as good as the Calibers to Peter’s favourite board of choice, the Bastl Walzer.

The Calibers come with a 44 or 50 degree baseplates. Hangar width is 184mm or 160mm. Combine the bigger one with the 44 degree baseplate and you got yourself some pretty stable downhill trucks. We recommend the 50 degree version for freeride, freestyle and cruising.

Longboard trucks by Caliber Truck Co.

If you want more for more, Caliber also offers the precision version. For the skaters among us Caliber has the “Standard” skateboard truck model perfect for shredding your favourite ramps and parks.

For more, visit Caliber’s official homepage.

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