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Long IslandPatrick Lombardi

Long Island welcomes Patrick Lombardi to the team

Patrick L. Lombardi moved to Spain to live the dream, joined Long Island Boards and All Year Long nailed it all together with a cool video.

Last year in October, Patrick L. Lombardi moved to Spain to skate as much as possible during the wintertime. He staying with the All Year Long (AYL) crew and says he’s living the dream. In the meanwhile, Patrick was busy organising the upcoming season, parted with DB Longboards and joined the Long Island Longboards team.

I’m really happy to be a part of Long Island family. The team is full of riders with different skills and it’s being managed by a great team manager who always has something to do for the riders and does a lot for the brand. ~ Patrick L. Lombardi

The rumours has it that he’s not going to race Red Bull No Paws Down because this season, he wants to focus on the IDF World Cup races and the Italian Championship, willing to be part of the Italian Downhill Skateboard Team supported by the Italian National Skateboard Commission of FIRS.

It took Patrick and AYL crew three days of scouting and filming to make Patrick’s welcome video for Long Island. They were exploring the Spanish mountains in their area and randomly stumbled upon a freshly paved gem that’s not even mapped on Google Maps yet.

The road that leads up to a sanctuary, which you can see in the video, came in like an answer from the God himself, explained Patrick. They were searching for a spot to shoot for the opening scene and some b-roll and the road had most perfect asphalt and zero traffic.

Patrick’s set up in the video includes Powell Peralta Snakes wheels and Aera trucks (46/46) mounted on the Long Island Crate V2 34.5 longboard deck.

As the name suggests, Long Island Crate V2 is 34.5 inches long deck that measures 9.85 inches in width. It’s a a top-mount symmetrical longboard deck made to cover you for both downhill and freeride. No nose or tail, this deck is built for charging only.

To finish it off with some more good vibes, here’s what Patrick has to say about this upcoming season…

This year is going to be the best one, traveling around the world to races, freerides and enjoying the ride! ~ Patrick L. Lombardi

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Photos and video by All Year Long.

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