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FreerideIan Freire

Ian Freire – Flowing Down

Ian Freire partnered up with Watchtower Collective who filmed Flowing Down, one of his first videos of 2018.

Ian Freire partnered up with Watchtower Collective in Flowing Down, one of his first videos of 2018. At only 22 years old but competing since 2013, for Ian, downhill has a hazardous side but at the same time has the vibe of a community, of a powerful friendship. When you go down a slope side by side with someone and share the adrenaline, going through dangerous situations and surviving, you create a bond.

Ian has been skateboarding downhill for seven years, and has been continually improving his abilities. “It’s a sport that gives great adrenaline. When you are going down a slope you are feeling the gravity, you are near the asphalt, feeling the wheel traction. That’s why those who practice downhill skating became addicted”, he explains.

In 2018, Ian is training to attend more events than ever before, plus improving his freeride skills, creating more videos and increaseing his presence on the national and international scene. “I am planning to participate in the European leg of the World Circuit, about five events. Depending on the results, I will be able to participate in more events and get a place in the world rankings”, he comments.

Watchtower Collective

The Watchtower Collective creates outstanding audiovisual content related to extreme sports for athletes, companies and for those who enjoy watching adrenaline-pumping action. It was founded by two friends who, after working on audiovisual production projects, decided to get together to do what they enjoy most: producing the most exciting extreme sports videos.

Athlete: Ian Freire
Filming and editing: Renê Baldissera
Photography: Jeann Mette
Music: We can Always Count on David Bowie by The Shorts
Text: Gabriela Damaceno

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