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Besac road with Hugo Besset by Benjamin Sornin

DTC dropped another cool video featuring Hugo Besset from France, filmed and edited by Benjamin Sornin.

DTC drops a cool video featuring Hugo Besset from France, filmed and edited by Benjamin Sornin.

Since there’s no additional information provided with the video, we’ll have to assume that Hugo is skating two different Alternative Longboards models – Bunting and Flamingo. Correct me if I’m wrong. However, the two are quite nice boards, featuring hi-end construction and impressively stylish finish.

Mounted with Bolzen trucks and DTC wheels, the Alternative Bunting sounds like a great setup for freeride and downhill, while Flamingo is more suitable for longboard dancing and freestyle. Well, that doesn’t stop some to use it for other skating styles. Way to go, Hugo :)

Enjoy this nice edit and share it if you like it.

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