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Alex Dehmel hits Black Betty in Gnarlicante

Watch this extra spicy edit sent in by Alex Dehmel with some sweet Spanish tarmac on a side.

On today’s menu we have an extra spicy edit sent in by Alex Dehmel with some sweet Spanish tarmac on a side. Alex was lucky enough to get back to Gnarlicante to spend some time and shred around with Pablo Quiles. Watch the video and read what he says about it below.

When the weather in Germany turns cold and wet, it’s time for me to plan some trips into a warmer place with good hills – I can’t imagine to not be downhill-skating for such a long time. One of my favourite destinations is the area of “Gnarlicante” in Spain, home of my really good friend Pablo Quiles. We know each other since some years now and he really knows every square centimeter of the hills in his province. I’m happy to know him and feel blessed that he shows me around his most secret spots when i visit him.

This run was filmed by Mr. Quiles himself on a spot called “Black Betty”. It’s not the most gnarly hill of Gnarlicante but it offers everything you want in a chilled run after a day of super gnarly and scary downhill action: The pavement is buttery smooth all the way to the bottom, most corners have a good visibility and you have a good variety of fast parts, sweepers and both hairpins with and without breaking points.

In this run I don’t hit all the lines 100% but it gives you kind of a feeling for the spot. Unfortunately the footage is a little bit overexposed but i used it to work on my color correction-skills ;)

Please note that we had the road secured with walkie-talkies in this run! Don’t do stupid thing in open traffic and if you are in the area and want to skate, hit up the locals and be kind.

More gnarly footage of my trip will be released soon!

~ Alex Dehmel

Alex is supported by these fine companies:
Olson&Hekmati / Skoa Trucks / Cult Wheels / Risch Aerohelmets / Mantis Longboardshop

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