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AHMYOAlejandra Cárdenas

Alejandra Cárdenas x Ángel Aparicio Iglesias – AHMYO Wheels

What’s the best way to celebrate finishing exams? Sending gnarly runs with your friends, of course.

Alejandra Cárdenas and Ángel Aparicio Iglesias study engineering at the same university in Madrid, Spain. When they finished their exams, they went out to celebrate appropriately, with skating the gnarly hills of Guadalajara as seen in the featured video filmed by Herminio García Salgado.

The winter is not so cold in Madrid, said Alejandra. They [the crew] are taking advantage of it as much as possible and skate whenever there’s a chance. She’s stoked about the upcoming trip to Kozakov and KnK this summer. In the meanwhile, she’ll be on the lookout for internship opportunities and shredding the local hills.

Next to Urethane Burners, Alejandra and Ángel also both represent AHMYO Wheels, a brand with roots in Mexico City. If you’re interested to know more about it, there’s a nice interview on Concrete Wave Magazine with Eduardo Cordero, one of the guys behind the brand.

In the first part of the video, Ángel uses the new white AHMYO Mukti freeride wheels while Alejandra sent it with the much grippier AHMYO Prana downhill wheels.

In the second part, when they switch to a different spot, Alejandra also has the Mukti wheels, but in blue colour and different urethane formula which was briefly available before the current version was released.

The Mukti are the latest freeride wheels released by AHMYO in August last year. For now we don’t have any info if there are any new models coming out this year, but AHMYO already has a solid lineup of wheels for pretty much every occasion. See it here.

In our chat, Alejandra pointed out that the Mukti wheels are nice and big enough for downhill while  having a more narrow contact patch, a centerset core placement, compact lip design as well as urethane which provides her with a reliable slide she can count on.

At 72mm with grounded skin and rounded lips. 34mm contact patch and our known and loved 81a thane. Mukti’s are the wheel you need to #trustyothane and rip some hills sideways! ~ AHMYO Wheels 

Apart from AHMYO wheels and UB pucks, Alejandra’s deck of choice is the Thor Hammer Green longboard deck by Goat Longboards paired with The Second precision trucks by Station Skate.

Ángel’s rides the Sweet Smoke v2 by Alkemist from their 2017 collection which we covered in more details here.

There you have it, a bit more info about the videos, riders and the gear they use. Stay tuned!

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