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Newton's Shred show Episode 007

A Cup Of Stoke

Newton’s Shred show Episode #007

Alex is back from taking a short break over the holidays. It turns out he missed some fun skate sessions, but his good friend Olly joins him on this episode and fills in the gaps.

Newton's Shred show Episode 007
Perhaps the only Podcast focused on longboards, the UK/EU scene and grandmas…

I’m back from taking a short break over the holidays. It turns out I missed some fun skate sessions, but my good friend Olly joins me on this episode and fills in the gaps.

The show is only available as audio this time, because I didn’t have enough space on my memory card and only recorded 7 minutes of video.

Thankfully I was recording the audio separately and still have the full show to release.

I don’t expect anyone to watch a 40 minute video, it’s too long for this kind of show.
The show is originally conceived as a Podcast, which is an audio only format.

Here’s the magic of audio; Your eyes don’t need to be stuck to a screen.

So you can do something while listening to the show, like:

  • Travel to skate / work / school
  • Do your chores at home
  • Change / maintain your longboard setup
  • Work out at the gym
  • Where would you listen to it?

It’s like getting any kind of radio station you want, delivered straight to whatever device.

Who’s is Alex? What is Newton’s Shred?

I recommend you check out Episode #000 to get a better understanding of the show, you can also listen to all the episodes in order on this playlist below:

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Based in London, I've been travelling across the UK and Europe hunting not just for the finest mountains, but also the friendliest people to ride them with. I co-founded and run most of Newton's Shred, a longboard shop in London. Slalom, bowls, distance and even a bit of freestyle mix up my time spent on board. You can also find me rolling around a mat doing aikido a few times a week inbetween daydreaming about living in Spain.

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