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Newton's Shred show episode 6

A Cup Of Stoke

Newton’s Shred show Episode #006

In this week’s episode Alex talks about Skate To Escape’s Winter Chaos outlaw race, The Santa Cruise and New Year’s Skate Bash. Also, checkout the audio version for the bonus Catch Up session with Sam Holding.

Newton's Shred show episode 6

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally got my shit together and brought a Ferrari…
Wait, that’s not what this column is about?!?

Ok ok, wrong website, well here I am to introduce to the show I’m running for Newton’s Shred, I could fill you in with all the details, but hey, that would take a while to write and I prefer to talk.
Anyone out there feel like typing it up for me? ;)

This was recorded on friday, but to delays only released on sunday, which explains some of the difference in timing.

Check out the intro below for the show, then scroll down to find episode 006.

You can stream this episode from this page as Audio or Video, to subscribe, check out the links at the bottom.

Audio – Catch up with Sam Holding

If you listen to the show here on Soundcloud, you’ll have the bonus Catch Up session with Sam Holding, where we talk about his long distance push through the desert and working with Orangatang and Original in USA.

Video – Newton’s Shred show EP #006

In this week’s episode I talk about Skate To Escape’s Winter Chaos outlaw race, The Santa Cruise and New Year’s Skate Bash. There’s also some sweet video recommendations in the Dishonourable Mentions segment that are worth your time.

Follow the link to subscribe however you’d like to.

SoundCloud (App / Web)/ iTunes (iOS / PC / Mac) / Stitcher (App / Web)

YouTube / Facebook


Based in London, I've been travelling across the UK and Europe hunting not just for the finest mountains, but also the friendliest people to ride them with. I co-founded and run most of Newton's Shred, a longboard shop in London. Slalom, bowls, distance and even a bit of freestyle mix up my time spent on board. You can also find me rolling around a mat doing aikido a few times a week inbetween daydreaming about living in Spain.

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1 Comment

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