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GRRRLS* Skate Fest 2016


GRRRLS* Skate Fest 2016 returns to Bielefeld and Kesselbrink skate park this September

This September, the GRRRLS* can skate crew will throw down another edition of GRRRLS* Skate Fest and once again bring together girls* in skateboarding, regardless the deck size or skating style. The event will take place from Friday, September 16th till Sunday, September 18th 2016 in Kesselbrink skate park (Bielefel, Germany).

This September, the GRRRLS* can skate crew will throw down another edition of GRRRLS* Skate Fest and once again bring together girls* in skateboarding, regardless the deck size or skating style. The event will take place from Friday, September 16th till Sunday, September 18th 2016 in Kesselbrink skate park (Bielefel, Germany).

With the project they want to question social certainties and break constraints, so that people can live and love independently. They are working as a self-organised group since 2014 that organizes events and supports / practices emancipatory girl*/women* work by skateboarding.

Again and again they noticed many young girls* and women* that want to experience skate- and longboarding and they wanted to promote/support that.

Grrrls* see their work as an educational work and believe that sport – as socialisation experience – is an important approach of youth and adult education and a good way to work against gender stereotypes in order to reduce them. They love to combine the practice of skating and the theory of questioning gender roles, to create new images and role models.

Like at the first Grrrls* Skate Fest in 2015, Grrrls* want to focus on showcasing all different skateboarding disciplines (there’s Street, a wooden BMX park, Vert Ramp, Longboard Dancing and Freestyle) but in a non-competition orientated contest.

The goal is to give female skaters more visibility and offer a safe place to push their limits as well as to overcome a fear of skating in public without being ranked or judged. True to the motto The important thing is not winning but taking part!

The GRRRLS* will also organise the mini fun contest again to get all skill levels and skaters from skateboarding and longboarding together and have a good time.

Iris Besseling at Grrrls* Skate Fest 2015 : Photo by Marius Landwehr Photography

Iris Besseling at Grrrls* Skate Fest 2015 : Photo by Marius Landwehr Photography

They can look back with such pleasure on a perfect weekend with 35 skaters, 45 workshop participants and over 600 visitors and can’t wait for September to come!

On the last day everything will be about learning how to skate. The Skate Fest will offer different skate workshops for skateboarding and longboarding with experienced instructors for different skill levels.

All girls* and women*, lesbians, queers, trans*people, intersex-people, butches, dykes and femmes are welcome!

GRRRLS* Skate Fest 2016 Schedule

Day 1 – Friday, September 16, 2016

  • Skater’s BBQ (all participants are welcome)

Day 2 – Saturday, September 17, 2016

  • Grrrls*-Skate session
  • Showcase
    • Skatepark (Streets, Wood Park, Vert)
    • Longboard Dancing + Freestyle
  • Mini Fun Contest
  • After Show Party at Gegenüber

Day 3 – Sunday, September 18 2016

  • Workshops for Beginner (longboard and skateboard)
  • Open skate session at the Kesselbrink
While you're there, be sure to grab a sticker : Photo via Grrrls* can skate

While you’re there, be sure to grab a sticker : Photo via Grrrls* can skate

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Want to see more photos?
Check out the photos from Grrrls* Skate Fest 2015 via Marius Landwehr Photography.

* women, lesbian, trans, inter


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