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Globe + Cohda Deck Chair Backs

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Globe + Cohda’s recent collaboration has culminated in the Deck Chair

Globe + Cohda’s recent collaboration has culminated in the Deck Chair- a chair design that uses manufacture processes and components, generally only seen in the board sports industry, to offer something truly unique to the furniture market. 

Founded in 1994, Globe often pushes the boundaries of the norm. This allowed Cohda the freedom to explore new, value added products outside of Globe’s typical market streams whilst maintaining the company’s image as one of the market leaders in designing and manufacturing premium skateboards.

Globe + Cohda Deck Chair Tatoo

The resulting Deck Chair is the first in a range of designs for those who are more comfortable on a deck than a chair but appreciate good design, bold styling but aren’t catered for by mainstream brands. With the current furniture markets and trends set to same and safe mode, the Deck Chair aims to disrupt the conventional and offer something unique.

Globe + Cohda Deck Chair Parts

Much like a skateboard deck, the Deck Chair’s wooden components are cold-pressed maple veneers and uniquely shaped to accept a heat transfer film to the rear. This allows for a limitless range of bold, custom graphics, meaning chairs can be as expressive as the skateboards they’re based on. The folded steel legs are engineered to float on rubber bushings normally found on skateboards trucks, allowing the chair to flex for comfort.

Globe + Cohda Deck Chair Detail

This combination means the chair uses a minimal number of components in its makeup so can be flat-packed for ease of shipping, assembled with standard hex keys, and easily disassembled and recycled at the end of its life.

Globe + Cohda Deck Chair

Globe + Cohda Deck Chair Footprints


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