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Longboard Girls Crew France - Behind the scenes of filming a new video
Photos by Alban Pernet Photography

A Cup Of Stoke

French Girls Going Down – Behind The Scenes Photos by Alban Pernet

Earlier this year the French Longboard Girls Crew took a trip to Southern France to film their latest video called French Girls Going Down. Their two day trip to Espigoulier Pass was documented by Augustin Joan-Montes (AJ Medias) with video and me, Alban Pernet with photos.

In June, the French Longboard Girls Crew found themselves filming a new video called French Girls Going Down. The filming took place on Espigoulier Pass, located near Marseille, France.

Anne Poursin, Marjorie Roméo, Lyde Begue and Laure Descloitres took two days off to skate a giant corkscrew road. Meanwhile, Augustin Joan-Montes from AJ Médias captured their motion and me, Alban Pernet documented their adventure with the lens of my camera.

This trip was an opportunity to appreciate the fast and feminine style of the girls riding, who are always happy and smiling. Even after two day of non-stop runs under the hot sun of Southern France.

The new French Girls episode features the following riders:

Anne Poursin (ROCKET Longboards, Politic Longboard Activist and Naitup Tent)
Marjorie Roméo (Wigga Skateboards)
Lyde Begue (Restless Longboards, RipTide and CDK)
Laure Descloitres (9.81 Swiss Boards and Idle Slide Gloves)

All of the girls are members of the Longboard Girls Crew France and the new Entre Couzs Collective.

Photos: Alban Pernet Photographiste


Born in 1979 in Lyon, I now live in Savoie, between Chambery and Torino, and works wherever the wind carries me. My passion for photography, my study as general mechanics, my experience in mountain work, seven winters of ski-patrol and several years of freelance graphic made me a freelance photographer for over 10 years. Practicing and passionate about alternative sports, snow to road through the singles mountains, my world is clearly inspired by what is commonly called the boardculture. This eclectic passive today is an asset that I transpose Image, report to the action, but always with the desire that my pictures tell stories, always happy to diversity and spontaneity of exchanges authorized by that passion for art that I have the chance to practice.

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