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Florence Open Skate 2017 organised by Fortezza ASD. Photo by Giuseppe Cabras.
Photo by Giuseppe Cabras


The Fortezza Crew needs your vote

Fortezza ASD is a sports association from Italy that organises longboard classes and community sessions. They need your vote to win a funding contest to help them with this year's events.

Fortezza ASD is a sports association that started as a crew from Florence, Italy. Every year they try to bring skateboarding closer to kids by hosting longboarding classes and also organising a few smaller community events for the Italian scene in Florence.

Currently Fortezza is participating in a competition hosted by a local milk brand along with 122 other sports associations. The first 10 winners will be rewarded with funding to contribute to the organisation of their events. Among all the associations in the contest, Fortezza is the only longboard related one.

At the moment they are at 11th place, that is why they need your help to get the funding they need for this year’s events.

Two years ago Fortezza ASD was amongst the winners and that helped them with one of their main events in La Piazza Michelangelo in Florence, shown on the video below.

The voting is simple, follow this link, press the red button and sign in with your Facebook account. Your vote will be confirmed once you get to the message “HAI VOTATO”. The contest is opened only until February 15th, 2018.


Nadia is a longboarder, co-organizer of KnK longboard Camp and editor/writer here on Her mission is to write articles that spread stoke, support the European longboard community and inform skaters about all things longboard related.

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