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Anton Lindén & Deen Mondt featuring The Secret Road of The French Alps

Don't know what to do for next 30 minutes? How about watching Anton Lindén & Deen Mondt flying down the super nice and fast road somewhere in the French Alps?

No time to ride because of your job, uni, or school? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Well, more precisely, Anton Lindén and Deen Mondt got you covered. These guys enjoy their downhill sessions early in the morning, preferably somewhere where the roads are long, perfect and extremely fast! They found this road in the French Alps where there’s no lack of exciting corners, really fast sections, lean sweepers and tricky parts that constantly tested their skills.

Anton Lindén repps Acid Longboards, Cloud Ride Wheels and Atlas Trucks
Deen Mondt repps Rayne Longboards, Riptide Bushings, PNL Trucks and Crash Test Dummies Pucks.


Gita Bončina is one of the rare ladies shredding infamous Slovenian hills, very enthusiastic about longboarding and everything related to the sport, especially longboard media. When off the board, she's a psychologist, music reviewer, yoga instructor in the making and an animal lover. Gita also writes Odds and Ends.

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