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Better Weather Tour by KebbeK Skateboards

Better Weather Tour by KebbeK Skateboards

Last summer was raining a lot but that changed as soon as the KebbeK Skateboards crew started the Better Weather Tour.

Between Almabtrieb and KnK Longboard Camp, KebbeK Skateboards pro team riders Emma Daigle, Juergen Gritzner, Isac Printz, and flow rider, Benjamin Sabol spent some days in the Austrian Alps discovering new roads and amazing scenery.

Enjoy some optical Euphoria as our team hunts for steep roads, sunshine, bright start and cold rivers in Austria. ~ KebbeK Skateboards

When I’m not editing this website, I take part in other projects and aspire to grow the European longboard community, including Longboard Magazine, KnK Longboard Camp and No Man’s Land.

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