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All Year Long Magazine; The cover featuring Bear's Guts shot taken by CK Photography at KnK 2017 presented by KebbeK Skateboards

A Cup Of Stoke

All Year Longboard released their first printed magazine issue

The first issue of All Year Long Magazine is still hot of the press. If you missed the special pre-order discount, it's your own fault...

You can now grab your copy for 30,00 Euros from their website and in case you really do, use the promo code “LBMAGEU” in order to enter the draw to win a lifetime free KnK ticket which we’re giving away to support the project.

All Year Long – 1st Issue 2018

The cover of the first All Year Long Magazine issue features the aerial shot of the Bear’s Guts track taken by none other than Christian Kreuter (CK Photography) at KnK Longboard Camp 2017 presented by KebbeK Skateboards.

All Year Long Magazine; The cover featuring Bear's Guts shot taken by CK Photography at KnK 2017 presented by KebbeK Skateboards

Inside the 29.7 by 29.7 cm big magazine, the readers can find interviews with skaters across the world, editorials, event reports and announcements, photography tips, as well as crew features. Each article also has it’s own design to keep the inside dynamic and fun to read.

The magazine journey took us almost a year since we decided the size, content, design. Then we were involved in the summer vibes getting every detail we need, also for the documentary we are releasing soon. After summer we started to build the magazine in the software, it took us more than 3 months to get the last pdf and 1 month more to print, choose paper, fix mistakes and get the final version. ~ Fran Puig, All Year Long

All Year Long Magazine; The back cover featuring Mirko Paoloni.

On the back cover you’ll find Mirko Paoloni skating one of the many spot that could be found in All Year Long’s skate house backyard.

Includes AYL discount card

The magazine also includes the ALY Card which provides discounts for longboard gear, as well as discounted event tickets. In addition to that, everyone who will buy the magazine will also automatically participate in a draw to win free event ticket prizes for KnK Longboard Camp and Transylvania Downhill.

What else is All Year Long up to?

In case you don’t know, last year All Year Long organised a month long tour with a group of renowned riders who travelled together from Kozakov to King’s Gate, Transylvania, KnK Longboard Camp and Verdicchio.

They were filming for a video documentary which is announced to be released soon and they covered some of the events with a live stream. They also produced a ton of watch-worthy raw runs, interviews with sponsors, riders and event organisers and they did a really nice job with the event exits (edits).

This year they plan to do the same with the exception of King’s Gate which got cancelled and the addition of two events they will cover; “Eat Concrete” in Belgium and “So…You Can Longboard Dance?” in Netherlands.

Besides that, All Year Long is having a couple of fun contests going on which will give the winners the opportunity to join the 2018 tour and star in their videos; “Amateur Hour” and “Future of Free Stylers”.

Check it all out on their website at


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